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AUGUST 6, 2017

“Ken Brock and

The Jambalaya Swing Band”


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The Jambalaya Swing Band patterns itself from the great Bob Crosby and The Bobcats Orchestra. The Instrumentation is 4 Saxophones; 3 Trumpets; 1 Trombone, Piano, Bass, and Drums. The Crosby Orchestra consisted of 1 additional Trombone.

Large Dance Bands of Jan Garber, Dick Jurgens, Sammy Kaye, Russ Morgan, to name a few the 1930’s and 40’s bands, generally consisted of 10-14 players. Crosby started in 1935 but didn’t become a “hit” band until he released “Big Noise From Winnetka” and additional “Dixie” selections in 1938. His Instrumentation was centered around a “Dixie” front line or the Piano of Joe Sullivan. Bob fronted the band well into the 1980’s and always was a big draw at The Carnation Stage and The Plaza Gardens Stage at Disneyland.

Jambalaya’s players are:
Saxophones and Clarinets: Mike Young, Stuart Yasaki, Mike Kenney, Bruce Saxton,
Trombone: Ron Wetzel
Trumpets: Mack Horton, Noel Weidcamp, Ken Brock,
Piano: Rich Owens
Bass: Don Hall
Drums: Ed Margolin

Come out and Dance ‘n Sway to “Our Kind of Music”!

Spend an afternoon of enjoyment jamming,
or listening and dancing
to the great sounds of
Dixieland at the San Joaquin Dixieland Jazz Society!