Join our next “DIXIELAND JAZZ” SUNDAY Event

July 5, 2015

“Jay Paulus’ Society Band”

JPSB Photo

The Jay Paulus’ Society Band prides ourselves on bringing together some of the finest musicians. We mix things up by switching out or adding in talented people we have swung with during other venues.

Band Personnel:
Jim Maihack – on Piano for us today could most assuredly play every instrument in our band and do it all himself and well! His singing voice is velvet soft.
Charlie Gehlback (Dr. Bach) – abounds with energy and distinctive style whether it is Dixie, Swing or even Gospel and makes that Puget sing!
David Rees – our Bass player has a veracious appetite for all musical genres. From Bach to Zydeco, David performs with bands and orchestras that fulfill his musicality.
Charlie Hull – on Reeds, an institution unto himself through Country Western, Dance & Swing and always sharing his euphoria of the music he wants us all to know and love. His vocals are sometimes surprisingly impish.
Ray Rector – on Drums, new to us today but has opened for many talented headliners with RATZ, acting as the warm-up band. With his wife, Becky, they are co-leaders for Z.O.O.M., Zydeco On Our Minds.
Jim Fusaro – “Boy Singer” we know you’ll recognize as the consummate entertainer he remains. You never have to ask twice for him to warble a tune!
Kate Rees – Vocalist Extraordinaire, performing everything from Jazz to Show Tunes and beyond, all with pizzazz! Her background spells PRO all the way.
Barbara, Co-Leader and Vocalist – has a background in drama and musical theater, as well as voice-over work, and was lead vocalist in a 17-piece band.
Jay’s Trombone playing brings the sentimentality and sound of a bygone era. You can close your eyes and reminisce to the melodic beats of the Dorseys, Miller, Goodman, Basie, all in one afternoon. Audiences have a love affair with his sound.

Come out and Dance and Sway to “Our Kind of Music”!


Spend an afternoon of enjoyment jamming,
or listening and dancing
to the great sounds of
Dixieland at the San Joaquin Dixieland Jazz Society!