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October 2, 2016

“Midnight Rose Jazz Band”

From Left to Right:
Reuben Smith, Jan Buhlert, Jeff Kreis, Carl Warmdhl
Bonnie Otto, Nancy Kreis and Dannie Balser

Exciting — Hilarious — Energetic — Spontaneous — Entertaining

These words and more have been used to describe the Midnight Rose Jazz Band, one of the best loved traditional jazz bands today. This band has a unique combination of qualities and personalities that captivates audiences wherever they go.

For over 25 years, the Midnight Rose Jazz Band has been winning fans and bringing their own special brand of fun and entertaining music to jazz festivals and clubs all up and down the west coast.

“We have always tried to play high quality music, but equally important to us is having fun. We work hard to make sure that our audiences have a fun time as well, to leave our performances with a happy heart and a lighter step. We have never tried to sound like any particular band or ‘style’. We are well rehearsed, but our arrangements are loose enough to allow for spontaneity…. and, more importantly, fun!”
~Dannie Balser-Singinghawk

Dannie Balser-Singinghawk – Trumpet, Vocalist & Leader
Nancy Kreis – Clarinet
Jeff Kreis – Trombone & Vocalist
Bonnie Otto – Piano, vocals
Jan Buhlert – Banjo & Guitar
Reuben Smith – Tuba & String bass
Carl Warmdahl – Drums
Tim Kreis – Tenor Sax (not pictured)

Dannie Balser~Singinghawk: Trumpet, vocalist and leader, formed the MRJB in the spring of 1990. Over her 34 year career as a jazz musician, Dannie has performed with such notable jazz musicians as Trummy Young, Dick Cary, Bob Havens, Abe Most, Howard Alden, Johnny Varro, Dan Barrett, Edie Metz Jr., Art Farmer, Jon Faddis, Plas Johnson, and Bill Watrous. Active also in the area of jazz education, Dannie taught for over 20 years at the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society jazz camps both as a trumpet instructor, vocal instructor and as a band instructor.

Nancy Kreis: Clarinet, began her jazz-playing career with the Tuleburg Jazz Band in 1985. Prior to that she was a classical clarinetist, playing with the Sacramento Symphony Orchestra. Nancy has excelled also in the field of music education, having been awarded the prestigious California Music Educators Teacher of the Year award given by the CMEA. She has formed and directed two award winning youth trad jazz groups over the years, The Howling Coyotes and Take Two jazz bands.

Jeff Kreis: Trombone and vocalist, Jeff is probably better known as one of Sacramento’s premier trad jazz trumpet players. Jeff is a veteran of many Sacramento Jazz jubilees. He is also very active with several bands in the Sacramento area, such as Crescent Cats and the Hot City Jazz Trio.

Bonnie Otto: Piano, vocals, Bonnie is one of the most recognized and best loved performers on the jazz festival circuit. She has performed in more popular bands than we can list here, the Wooden Nickel Jazz Band and Sister Swing are just two you may recognize. A great entertainer as well as musician, Bonnie is a must-see wherever she is performing.

Jan Buhlert: Banjo, guitar: Jan is the type strong, musically dedicated rhythm section player that both provides and creates a strong confident sound. Jan divides his time between Midnight Rose and playing with the Black Tuesday jazz band with whom Midnight Rose has shared the stage on more than one occasion.

Reuben Smith: Tuba, although Reuben can handle both the tuba and the string bass with ease, his focus is now on the tuba which lends itself to a better two-beat sound which the MRJB is more stylistically geared to. A devotee of trad jazz Reuben ‘haunted’ Hambone Kelly’s and Lou Watters jazz clubs in the 1940’s. In the 1980’s Reuben began playing with the California Express Jazz Band and in 1990 became one of the Midnight Rose’s founding members.

Carl Warmdahl: Drums, Carl worked for many years as a free-lance drummer before joining Midnight Rose. Carl plays with a hard-driving yet extremely musical style. Carl is also an accomplished artist, working primarily in oils, acrylics and pen and ink.

Tim Kreis: Tenor sax, (not pictured) now a student at Northridge’s prestigious school of jazz, drops in when he can. His quiet demeanor belies a prodigious talent and we’re always happy when he’s in town and able to join in!


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