The San Joaquin Dixieland Jazz Society

San Joaquin Dixieland Jazz Society group photo after a day of fun at one of our ‘Dixieland Jazz’ Sunday events!

The San Joaquin Dixieland Jazz Society (SJDJS) was founded Sunday, February 4, 1979 in Stockton, California.  Our club is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Dixieland Jazz music.

We hold monthly Dixieland Jazz Sunday meetings where audiences can listen and dance to live performances of Dixieland Jazz.  Musicians young and old are invited to perform their art in front of a live audience.

SJDJS is also dedicated to cultivating and encouraging young musicians, thereby preserving our kind of music for the future.  To help encourage our young musicians of the community, we provide several youth-musician scholarships.  SJDJS actively promotes interaction between our club and other clubs dedicated to the performance and preservation of Dixieland Jazz.

The San Joaquin Dixieland Jazz Society is a non-profit organization established under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code for the purpose of educating the public and members on matters concerning the preservation and promotion of Dixieland Jazz music.

Our History

The very first board meeting (as well as our current jazz sessions) was held at The Elks B.P.O. Lodge in Stockton, California on the 1st Sunday of February 1979.  We’re still in the same place – after all these years!

The Founding Fathers were: Tom Castles, Bill Renwick, Bill Reinhart, Otis Edmondson,
Ed Huntington, Vince Marino and Raymond Walters

At that first meeting, there were 359 initial Charter Members and they all joined the club!

Dixieland Jazz Sunday Events

The “Dixieland Jazz” Sunday jazz sessions are held monthly, typically the 1st Sunday of each P1120277
month, at The B.P.O.Elks Lodge: 8900 Thornton Road, Stockton, California.

This official jazz session is open to all members of the SJDJS and their guests, as well as the general public who we warmly invite and welcome to join in on our Dixieland Jazz music events. It’s such fun!


Admission to our Dixieland Jazz Sunday meetings is by a donation of $8 for members, $12 for non-members.  Students with current Student Body Card $2.  We especially encourage and welcome youth-musicians from surrounding communities to join our monthly Dixieland Jazz Sunday meetings.


Find out more about becoming a member of The San Joaquin Dixieland Jazz Society on our Membership Page.