April 19, 2016

A Dixieland Tribute & Farewell for Don Rees
A musical tribute was played at graveside for Don
who was laid to rest on April 19, 2016

(video courtesy of Geri Eckert)




February 1, 2015

The Stockton Dixieland Jazz ‘Jam-a-Roo’ Jammers
“It’s a Wonderful World”


Geri Eckert – Vocal
Dannie Balser – Trumpet – Leader
Dick Lockwood – Tenor Sax
Jimmy Spiro – Guitar
Nick Cocuzzi – Drums
Dave Rees – Upright Bass
Carl Kaiser – Piano (out of frame)





July 6, 2014

Cell Block 7
“Yerba Buena Strut “

Video courtesy of John Jamieson, Monterey Hot Jazz Society

Yerba Buena Strut - Cell Block 7

Click the image above or click here to see this video on YouTube.





September 2, 2012

The Stockton Dixieland Jazz ‘Jam-a-Roo’ Jammers
“Monkey and Chimp (Abba Dabba Dabba)”

Singing Duo: Geri Eckert and Bill Sharp
Dick Lockwood – saxophone
Mark Kramer – guitar
Stephen Douville – drums
Jan Buehlert – banjo
Larry Tyrell – trombone
Frank Lindskoog – piano (out of frame)